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Welcome to Best Bankruptcy Forms

Hi, I am Stephen K. Underwood. I am a Bankruptcy practitioner in the Western District of New York. I recently developed "Best Bankruptcy Forms" in response to the recent form changes of December 1, 2015, because I needed new forms. You see, I have never used any of the Bankruptcy Preparation Software on the market because I make my own interactive forms with Hotdocs. Everyone I run into lately is having a hard time justifying the purchase of new Bankruptcy Software because of the reduced number of filings. They all complain about the exorbitant cost, and how their former software company went out of business. When I tell them that I have always made my own forms, they look at me like I am nuts, and think I am messing with them (with the exception of one of my close friends that has been using my forms for many years). These software companies all seem to do one of two things. They either charge a huge up front fee for the software, and then juice you continuously for maintenance fees, or they sell you their services piecemeal to try and make it appear like you are paying less. This ends today!

If you are an attorney searching for a low cost alternative to other bankruptcy preparation software, you have come to the right place. My interactive bankruptcy forms will save you time and money. The forms come complete with a case upload file to prevent you from having to enter debtor information and statistical data on CM/ECF. These interactive forms will ask you a series of questions in an interview and will merge the data into the forms and will send them to Adobe Acrobat where you can save the petition in PDF Format. The forms will work in all the states and comes complete with a common creditor database, an Exemptions Database, and Means Testing Data. Give it a try for free first if you like.

My Pledge To You

Low Cost Interactive Bankruptcy Forms!
No Maintenance Fees!
No Piecemeal Pricing!
Free Incremental Updates!
Unlimited Case Filings For Each User License!
Substantial Discounts on Multiple User Licenses!

Best Bankruptcy Form Information


  • Generate Individual 7, 11, and 13, Bankruptcies for Electronic Filing in any State.
  • Generate a Complete Bankruptcy Petition for filing with CM/ECF by Answering Questions from Popup Dialog Boxes. (This means you can prepare the complete petition all at once without having to do each form separately and then create a PDF.)
  • Generate the Means Test Form for filing with CM/ECF.
  • Generate the matrix.txt file for uploading to CM/ECF.
  • Generate the debtor.txt file so you do not have to manually enter debtor information and statistical data manually on CM/ECF.
  • Generate a Chapter 13 Plan that Calculates Interest on Secured Claims and Trustee Fees.
  • Generate each of the Individual Official Forms separately for Amendements to the Bankruptcy Filing.
  • Generate a list of Important Dates Related to Your Case to Avoid Filing Pitfalls.
  • Add/Remove Common Creditors from the Common Creditor Database.
  • Add/Remove Exemptions from the Exemption Database.
  • Online Budget Calculator for Clients
  • Bankruptcy Budget Calculator
  • Links to Usefull Websites related to Bankruptcy.
  • Links to Fillable Adobe PDF Forms for Non-Individual Bankruptcies.
  • Other Misc. Interactive Forms including: Social Security Form B121, Certificate of Person Finance (Form B423), Form G, No Payment Advises Affidavit, and Others.


  • $325.00
  • No Additional Fees.
  • No Hidden Fees.
  • No Maintence Fees.
  • Free Incremental Updates

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  • Windows Operating System
  • Hotdocs User 10.0, or newer (Hotdocs Developer is better because it allows you to make your own interactive forms).

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Microsft Word or WordPerfect.

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